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Every day we bring hope to millions of children in the world
Being a Parent
We guide you and take care of you and your child through this beautiful phase of life.
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We provide the basis for your new and happy family with our pre-natal
consultation, child rearing practices & parenting consultations.
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Umbrella Children`s Clinic

Umbrella signifies protection. Children are the future. It’s very important that they are nurtured and protected in an efficient manner. We at umbrella children’s clinic endeavor to give umbrella care in form of innovative, comprehensive and quality treatment and prevention against various dreadful diseases along with emphasizing on growth, nutrition and socio-neuro-behavioral maturation of children.

Services Offered

Newborn Care
Well Child Examination
Vaccinations & Preventive Care
Growth & Development Assessment
Childhood Nutrition
Community acquired Infection care
Allergy & Asthma Care
Adolescent Care
School & Sports Physicals

General Information

Keeping in view numerous queries, misconceptions, doubts and fears among the parents and caregivers regarding common health issues among children, we at Umbrella Children’s Clinic have put forth some information here. Few of them like common respiratory illnesses, fever management at home, allergies, vaccination schedule and sample meal menus and feeding guidelines etc.. Sources of information are authentic (IAP, WHO, NNF).

We thrive to continue updating and improving our services and welcome your valuable feedbacks for the same.